The Tokens 4 Teens program has a big impact on the families that use the program. Here are a few testimonials from families that have benefited.


“Tokens 4 Teens was a Godsend! I needed help with transportation to get my two daughters to school for a couple of weeks. I had to buy medicine and could not afford bus fare for my girls.”

“My vehicle recently broke down and I had no way to get my daughter to Craig High School. She would have had to walk 3 miles to school everyday during the winter months. Thanks to Tokens 4 Teens, she was able to ride the nice warm bus. “


“My mom had to go to jail and I’m staying with my aunt. My aunt has to drive 4 kids to school and doesn’t have much money for gas. The gas cards we received from Tokens 4 Teens have helped a lot.”

“My dad had been out of work for months, I needed help with bus tokens until he could find another job. I only used them for a couple of weeks, but it made all the difference.”